The Energetics of Being and Ground

We are a collection of experiences, past and present, manifest in physical form: an inner integration of body, mind, and spirit. Our core is a place from which we feel, sense, know, and account for our motivation—for how we act, move, and think from sources within ourselves.

Finding this core is a process of sorting out and reclamation. How do we live in our bodies? It is our bodies that act in the world through action, speech, and thought. Seeking and finding alignment through core awakens us to purpose. We tap into a richness of being that’s not merely thought, concept, or a delusion of the mind, but a presence of connectedness.

In CORE: The Energetics of Being and Ground, author Phyllis Pay offers a template and bridge to our internal self-discovery, opening dimensions of our being in this world. By investigating the presence of the energetic body as it corresponds to our history, significant life events, and our felt experience, we’re able to heal and to come into the core of our essential being.