About the Author

Phyllis Pay is an Asian American intuitive healer, meditation teacher, reader, and facilitator who has offered sessions, groups, and workshops over the past forty years in the United States, Europe, and Brazil. Her work derives from years of meditation practice, study in Vajrayana Buddhism, somatic therapies, and energetic healing. For many years she directed the Intuitive Energy Center, which she founded in Berkeley, California. She is the author of “Meeting Vajrayogini,” in Lenore Friedman and Susan Moon, eds., Being Bodies: Buddhist Women on the Paradox of Embodiment (Boston and London: Shambhala Publications, 1997).

Integrating and synthesizing intuitive development and clairvoyant training through the process of energy meditation with somatic awareness and healing, she works toward a vision of unifying the body, mind, and spirit to cultivate well-being, peace, and wholeness in each individual and in the world.

Email: phyllispay@phyllispaycoreintuitive.com

Blog Site: http://www.intuitivenergy.wordpress.com